Urgent Issues

Do you need a experienced consultant to solve urgent technical issues? Do you need a experienced consultant to reduce critical downtime of your projects? Do you need a experienced consultant to resolve stressful breakdowns?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a refractory consultant on demand to resolve urgent breakdowns and issues for all your projects without the hassle of employing in house staff? Know you can with Refco Site Services, we provide highly trained and experienced refractory consultants to customers in the United Kingdom and globally.

What we can do

Technical Support

Our team of experienced refractory consultants can resolve highly technical issues when they occur and give you actionable advice.


Our consultants can resolve critical breakdowns at any of your sites in the UK and abroad when needed.

Why use us

We spotted a gap in the market to provide refractory consultants on demand to global companies, as companies are downsizing their workforces we found that they are happy to hire consultants when needed to work on various projects without the expense of hiring a in house member of staff.

Gone are the days of not having enough staff to work on various key projects such as overseeing a new product trial, reporting on ongoing business, troubleshooting problems during critical times and monitoring existing refractory products. You can now hire a refractory consultant anytime and anywhere.

Are you interested?

Simply contact us via the Contact Us page on the website and one of our consultants will be in touch within a few hours to discuss your needs and how we can help you achieve your business’s goals.

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